Gear Developing solutions for Web3 infrastructure

Gear is a technology company actively contributing to the development of the Gear Protocol. The protocol, supported by the Gear Foundation, unlocks remarkable Web3 capabilities while ensuring a user experience similar to Web2. It introduces improved speed, security, and automation, bringing significant advancements to smart contract development.

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Gear Protocol Comprehensive toolkit for quick dApp creation

Through the platform’s custom runtime powered by the Actor Model and Persistent Memory technologies, Gear Protocol offers exceptional technical capabilities.

  • Actor Model

    A well-known approach used in high frequency parallel computation, this model ensures asynchronous messaging and memory parallelism by design.Ensuring security, anonymity, transaction efficiency and as a result network speed, it stands as on of the core pillars of the Gear Protocol. Want to learn more about how it works? Check our Wiki.

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  • Persistent Memory

    The Persistent Memory concept is another novelty we brought to Web3. It provides an innovative solution to program storage with clever and effective memory virtualization techniques. All you need is to code regular programs like in Web2 world, no need to be an expert in blockchain-specific programming. Check our Wiki to find more detailed information.

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  • WASM (WebAssembly)

    Offering Native speed execution and support for standard programming languages, WebAssembly has been integrated by Gear to create an environment for fast, secure and flexible execution not just for smart-contracts but for onchain programs. Opening the door to new generation of applications. Sounds interesting? Check Wiki to dive in!

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Through the platform’s custom runtime powered by the Actor Model and Persistent Memory technologies, Gear Protocol offers exceptional technical capabilities

These technological primitives enable advanced functionality such as:

  • Gas reservation
  • Delayed messaging
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Increasing dApp-native automation
  • Unlocks numerous development possibilities

Substrate pallets power best-in-class governance and staking modules, which help integrate Gear-Protocol-powered networks seamlessly into the Polkadot ecosystem

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Vara Network A sovereign layer-1
decentralized network

Built on Gear Protocol, Vara is a layer-1 blockchain supporting developers to run Wasm-compiled smart contracts implemented via developer-friendly Rust libraries.

Developers and users enjoy low transaction costs, gas fee rebates, staking, governance, and robust on-chain development capabilities, with optimized infrastructure for scalable performance and advanced security measures.

Elevate your smart contract development experience with Vara.

Gear Foundation The core entity behind
the Gear ecosystem

The Gear Foundation supports all Gear-related platforms, simplifying the dApp development process by empowering developers with supportive tools to build. Join the Gear community and become a driving force in powering blockchain advancement.

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